Alpine Skiing Pathway

The Wales Alpine Racing Pathway sets out how Snowsport Cymru Wales will support the development of athletes competing in both alpine and artificial surface ski racing.

The programme sets out aims to achieve a continuous progression from the important grass roots ‘club-focused’ training and racing through to a Snowsport Cymru Wales supported ‘national performance pathway’ with support provided for the development of ski racers who wish to progress to the highest levels of the sport.
British Ski and Snowboard’s stated aim for Team GB is ‘To be a top 5 Olympic Ski & Snowboard Nation and to be Podium Competitive in ALL Olympic disciplines by 2030’

The Home Nations Snowsport Associations role in the pathway to Olympic success will be to identify, develop and prepare athletes to achieve the Governing body’s stated aim. 

It is recognised that there are many important roles in the development of athletes from coaches, club officials parents and supporters and all need to play a part if the aims of the pathway are to be realised.
It is envisaged that Clubs will contribute to and endorse this pathway and work to deliver local programmes which support the aims of Snowsport Wales and the proposed outcomes in the pathway. 

It is important to establish some basic principles which enable us all to work towards a common goal.

Purpose: Why we do what we do
The purpose of the Wales Alpine Racing Pathway is to develop children and young adults in all aspects of life, building on their physical attributes, mental awareness and technical skills enabling them to aspire to the highest levels of achievement in their lives and in their chosen sport.

Culture: Our Beliefs
We believe that no matter where you start in your snowsport career you can improve if you have a love for the sport, work hard and put in the hours of purposeful practice, always do your best and have the mindset to keep going when things don’t go quite to plan!

Vision: How we see the Future
Our vision is of a supportive community of, coaches, parents and volunteers supporting committed, motivated and hard-working athletes to achieve their best in all aspects of the sport and life. The SSW WARP Programme is highly regarded and consistently feeds athletes through to commercial academies. We have athletes selected for Team GB duties and have a succession programme for athletes, coaches and volunteers for the future development.

Values: What we think is Important
We are all committed to treating everyone with compassion and equality. We will listen to others point of view without judgement and will establish the full facts before reaching a conclusion. We will not stand for bullying, gossip or negativity and will seek to maintain a positive attitude towards our sport and the people involved in it.

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