National Slalom Awards – BEAT THE HILL

We are very excited to launch the National Slalom Awards (Beat the Hill) programme. This initiative is designed to provide local opportunities for skiers to compare their performances against the best skiers in the UK. It also creates a method to measure performance progression at all levels of the sport and help identify talented young skiers who could be making next steps along the performance pathways.

And, of course, it should be a lot of fun too!


National Slalom Awards graphic

How Will it Work?

We wanted to make the National Slalom Awards as simple, fair and consistent as possible to ensure they are widely and easily accessible. Clubs and slopes running NSA events can either set a standardised course where we ‘predict’ the target time to compare yourselves against, alternatively a course can be set by your coaches and a nationally recognised forerunner used to set the target time on that day.

What’s your level?

The NSA has 6 levels of awards that are weighted by age and gender.

Polar Bear – Pocket Rocket – Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum

A platinum award is set at a level where we would expect this skier to be podiuming at national standard ski races.

How do I get involved?

Partner clubs and facilities in Wales will be running NSA events as part of their ongoing programme over the next few months. Contact your local club or facility to check out the dates of their events.

Want to deliver National Slalom Award events?

Email Snowsport Cymru Wales Chief Executive, Robin Kellen –

Want to get involved?

Excited by the prospect of Winter Sports? Get along to one of the slopes or clubs in Wales…