Welsh Squad Selection Update

Welsh Squad Selection Update

Following a summer of excellent performances by many Welsh Alpine skiers, we are delighted to announce the most recent update of Welsh Squad Selections. Congratulations to all athletes selected to our squads.

The full list of selected athletes along with selection criteria can be on our Welsh Squad web page.

This summer has seen some amazing results from our Welsh athletes at every level. Highlights have included the All England Championships where Welsh Athletes won the overall in event in Women’s and Mens Competitions as well as the overall 1st places in the U12 Girls and Boys events.

Wales Ski Development Group Selection CriteriaAdding to the pathway for alpine skiers, this summer we introduced a new selection group recognising the talent on our young athletes who were close to meeting criteria for the Welsh Squad.

Criteria for selection to the Wales Ski Development group is as follows:

1. Achieve Platinum level at a club organised NSA event where a forerunner time is used to establish target time (using a sub 50pt forerunner)


2. Meet the following age related points criteria as per the most recent published British OBARTs or IBARTS seedlist,

U14 yr1 150pts or below

U14 yr2 140pts or below

U16 yr1 130pts or below

U16 yr2 120pts or below

U18 yr1 110pts or below

U18 yr2 100pts or below

If you feel you meet this criteria, email Chief Executive Robin Kellen –robin@snowsportwales.net to process your nomination.